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     Before we can help you get started on your personal home inventory list, you will need to register and choose a membership plan.  We offer monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual membership plans - either direct bill (by email) or by money-saving automatic billing subscriptions.  The choice is yours, and you may cancel at any time with no penalty because there are no contracts.  You must have an active membership in order to access your account file online where your reports are kept, or make changes to your item inventory list.  Your information is kept for a period of 60 days following cancellation/expiration of your membership prior to being deleted from our system, during which time you may reactivate your membership to regain access to your file. 

***All membership fees are fully earned, and no refund is issued for cancellation requests of partially completed membership terms.  You should select the membership term that best fits your budget and service needs before completing your registration.***  

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    Once your membership is processed and activated, you will receive a unique member number which you will use in all of your inventory item information submissions and to access your online file that will host your updated home inventory list  reports.  You will receive quick links to secure online forms with your membership information pre-filled, that will allow you to enter information for your item and to attach photos (particularly useful when using your smart phone to submit your item listings).  Plans start as low as $12.45 per month (based on annual membership auto-billing plan).  We also offer monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual bill plans...and, you can choose a direct bill (by email) or auto-billpay subscription for each.  Pricing varies according to length of term and billing method selected.  All membership and pricing options are available in the membership on the ENROLL AS NEW MEMBER button above.

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